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Question: I don't have much time to exercise.  What type of exercise should I be doing to get the most benefit in a short period of time?

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Target Heart RateTarget Heart Rate

Your target heart rate zone is a range of heart rates that reflect your level of intensity. During exercise, it is beneficial to be at an intensity that is just right: not too easy and not too hard. Although it is not imperative that you monitor your heart rate during exercise, doing so is one way to let you know if you are working out at an appropriate intensity.  more ...

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Muscle Soreness
Muscles can become sore and stiff if you use them in ways that they are not accustomed to being used. This is especially true if you do activities that repeatedly lower your body with gravity. Such muscle contractions almost always involve muscle lengthening, and are called eccentric contractions.  more ...

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips
The grocery store can be a dangerous place because it's you against the million-dollar marketing schemes put forth by food manufacturers. Grocers place enticing products at aisle ends and at eye level on shelves to catch your attention and draw you in for the purchase.  more ...

Calcium-rich Foods
Even if the "Got Milk?" ads haven't won your taste buds over, there are still many foods that you can choose from to get your recommended daily amounts of calcium.

Other dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt, are very good calcium choices. Look for low-fat or non-fat options.  more ...

Recommended Daily Water Intake
If we don't ingest enough fluid, dehydration can set in quickly. To gauge the importance of water relative to food, consider that severe dehydration can lead to death within a matter of days, whereas we can go for weeks without food.

Approximately 55-60% of our body weight is water. That's why our body weight can fluctuate so dramatically.  more ...

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